Facilitation & Coaching

Coaching is a useful tool for self empowerment and to gain self knowledge. By knowing ourselves we can better identify our needs and deep desires. Such knowledge, however, is not enough. We also need to find the courage to make the necessary changes to follow our dreams. Sometimes we know what we want, but the way is blocked by external and internal obstacles.

An experienced coach can help you sharpen your inner vision, identify the steps to take to manifest that vision and find the courage to take action towards your goals.

At a team level, an outside facilitator can play a similar role as a coach. By engaging teams in a structured conversation a skilled facilitator can help teams clarify their common vision and guide them through obstacles towards this vision.

Audrey Ingolfsdottir is both an experienced facilitator and a trained coach. She has extensive experience as a project leader as well as facilitating delegate discussions, for example in her role as the chair of the board of Iceland´s largest national park (2020-2022). Additionally, she brings her two decades of teaching and leading students through challenging projects to her facilitation and coaching services.

If you are interested in contracting her for individual coaching or to facilitate workshops, please write an e-mail to: aingolfs@transformia.is