Coaching is a useful tool for self empowerment and to gain self knowledge. By knowing ourselves we can better identify our needs and deep desires. Such knowledge, however, is not enough. We also need to find the courage to make the necessary changes to follow our dreams. Sometimes we know what we want, but the way is blocked by external and internal obstacles.

An experienced coach can help you sharpen our own inner vision and find the answers that exist within you. He or she will not tell you what to do but can provide a safe and encouraging environment for you to seek out your own answers.

Audrey Ingolfsdottir offers couching sessions for selected individuals ready to start their journey of self empowerment, creating a vision in their private and professional life and working out strategies on how they can step into their full power.

Audrey finished her basic training in coaching in the spring of 2019. She brings her two decades of teaching and leading students through challenging projects to her coaching practice along with extensive experience of facilitating meetings and group work.

If you are interested in booking a session, please write an e-mail to: