Transformia is a small business focusing on self-empowerment, sustainability and social responsibility. At Transformia we believe that personal transformation, where individuals find the courage to live in alignment with the calling of their hearts, is a powerful way to clear the path for the social transformation needed to move towards a more just and sustainable future. Through writing, lecturing, teaching and engaging with people in other creative ways we aim to inspire and encourage individuals, groups, businesses and organizations to take steps that facilitate both personal and social transformation.


Dr. Audrey Ingolfsdottir is the owner and manager of Transformia. With an educational background in international relations, she has worked as a journalist, civil servant, researcher and consultant, advising and writing about sustainability and social responsibility. She also has twenty years of experience as a university lecturer, teaching courses related to international politics, peace and conflict studies, natural resource management, gender and environment and on sustainability and social responsibility. More recently she finished her training to be a coach, which has proven to be yet an other effective tool in creating a positive, supportive environment when working with individuals and groups ready for engaging in transformative processes.

Audrey (Auður H Ingólfsdóttir) at Stórurð, East Iceland

Her vision for Transformia is to create a heart centered business that can serve as a vehicle for projects whose aim is to shift our values towards a more caring approach towards each other and towards nature.

How to Contact?

E-mail: aingolfs@transformia.is

Tel: +354 892 0678

Why Transformia?

Butterfly is a powerful symbol for transformation, the concept that was the inspiration for why Transformia was chosen as a name for this business.

At Transformia we strongly believe that reform and superficial change is not enough for tackling the challenges we are currently facing in the world. A deep transformation is needed at all levels – at the individual, community and global levels. Such transformation, however, does not happen on its own. Taking conscious steps towards this transformation and finding creative ways to make it a peaceful, nonviolent transition, is vital for the health of our communities and for our planet. With global crisis staring us in the face, this transformation will be incredibly challenging but not impossible.