Examples of current projects:

University lecturer, supervisor and examiner. See a list of courses taught (1999-2022)

On the board of Bifröst University since May 2020

WeLead: Erasmus+ project on women leadership in tourism (October 2022-September 2024)

GRÓ-GEST: Lectures on Gender and Environment. Expert and curriculum development for a short course on gender and climate change in Malawi. Supervising fellows on their final projects.

GRÓ-LRP: Lectures and training on stakeholder involvement in land restoration projects. Supervising fellows on their final projects.

GRÓ-FTP: Lectures on gender and fisheries. Supervising fellows on their their final projects.

Writer on Medium: See profile here.

Examples of prior projects:

Chair of the board of Vatnajökull National Park (2020-2022)

Educational material on climate change in cooperation with various public and private stakeholders (e.g. Icelandic National Climate Committee and the environmental NGO, Landvernd) (2020-2021)

Various lectures on issues related to sustainability, climate change and gender, social responsibility etc.